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Can Sellics be your only tool to expand your Amazon business?

When you start as an Amazon seller you become part of the Amazon experience that today has the largest marketplace in the world. Most of sellers can get their business up and running, but just a few truly understand this market and rise above the competition.

An example is that only 10% of Amazon customers look beyond Page 1-3, showing how is important that you manage your business wisely.

Using the right tool to support your business can be what you need to get in another level, Sellics is said to be an all-in-one software that can help you to reach that.

It offers both seller and vendor editions with different features that we will show you in a moment. You can use them to manage your PPC campaigns, optimize rankings, see your profit in real-time, monitor competitors and more.

Take a look at Sellics introduction video

Seller Edition

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Vendor Edition

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How it Works

The starting point of Sellics is the Cockpit. It gives you a know of view for everything of your Amazon account in only one page, so you can check if an action is required easily.

It shows you different widgets like Sales & Profits, Performance Table, Reviews, Keyword Ranking Index and PPC metrics. You can also check your sales, revenue share and sales rank in the last 30 days.

The Cockpit is just an overview of your account. Clicking on the widgets you can go deeper into the different parts of it.The interface is really simple and organized so it won’t take long for you to get used to. Sellics offers you a 14 day free trial to test the product and check if it is the right one for you and your business.

Pros & Cons


  • Different Tools: Sellics has a lot of different features that might allow you to use it as your only platform to manage your Amazon account.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: The platform has a really easy to use interface and nice graphing including sessions, conversion rate, profit and more.
  • Marketplaces: It supports 8 marketplaces around the world. Including USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, France & India.
  • Knowledge Base: You have access to an extensive knowledge base that covers every aspect of Sellics features with tips and the customer support is professional and helpful.


  • Reports: You are not able to download your reports from your Sellics account.
  • ROI: It is not properly shown your return on investment in the platform.
  • Email Tool: Sellics doesn’t have an email tool, so you have to use another service to manage your email account.
  • Seller Accounts: It doesn’t support multiple Seller Accounts.


Seller Edition

sellics - price

Vendor Edition

The Vendor Edition price is really flexible and based on the features included, the marketplaces you work on and the number of ASINs per marketplace.

If you want the AMS module included the price is based on your estimated average monthly AMS budget for the next 12 months.

To check how much your plan would cost click here and visit the Vendor Edition pricing tab!


*Both editions offer a no credit card required 14 day free trial to test the product.


If you already have a Seller Central account Sellics might be the right product for your business. You can monitor all your sales, profits, keyword analytics and more in a simple, easy to use interface. That’s probably its main advantage against competitors because it allows you to use only one platform to manage your Amazon account.

The problem appears when you don’t have an Seller Central account and can’t use properly all features. Then probably a more basic platform would be better for you at first. Jungle Scout is a great product research tool that can help you to find new niches and products to profit from.

Finally, if you are still confused whether to use or not Sellics services, remember you can test it for 14 days to see for yourself if this product can really help you to grow your Amazon business.

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